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The Millennium Story

Like many good stories, ours starts with a vision.

The great Brazilian scientist, Norberto Keppe, envisioned a business model that could be utilized by one or an infinite number of individuals in any type of activity.

A company that didn’t exploit or speculate. A business model that created well being for all who worked there. A company that offered a huge cultural and educational contribution to the community where it operated

4 guys, a big dream, but no truck.

The first chance came in the early 1980s when Keppe was invited to New York to introduce his science to the U.S. The idealists who followed him included 4 young guys full of energy and initiative. Alex, Tony, Rick and José landed jobs with moving companies in Manhattan to support themselves. And you know how that works: the company charged the customer a fee, paid the guys a small portion, and kept the rest. Keppe suggested buying their own truck, charging the customer less, and keeping all the money for themselves.

Win-win before the term had even been invented.

Trilogical companies were off and running … 18 months later, Speed was the proud owner of 9 vans, a moving truck and several motorcycles and bicycles.

From the seed grows the tree

Following suit, the Trilogical group in NY opened a carpentry service, a floor sanding company, a printing and graphic design business, a cleaning company, a decorating company, a travel agency, a Brazilian restaurant … and a language school, where you still find us working today.

18 companies in total in 5 years. They were well known in Manhattan, their “Workers are owners” sign prominent at their offices at Broadway and 110th Street. The company gave all who worked there autonomy, cooperation, success and fulfillment!

And the customers – and American society – benefitted enormously.

M. Silva, Customer Relations Manager

If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere

And then, Europe came calling for a hit of Keppe’s science. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, off the group went to various centers on the continent: London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon, and, as a home base, Paris. If you’ve ever wondered why Millennium teachers are so conversant in so many languages, there’s your answer. Europeans flooded in to work in the Trilogical society. From Sweden, Finland, Italy, England they came, eager to contribute to what was becoming a leading scientific and cultural center.

Wherever Trilogists were, they worked. No living off government handouts or family trust funds here. Opposite to what’s preached on Wall Street, we believe the economy should be based on work, not speculation. It’s work that represents the true wealth of a company. Or a country. That’s something to take a stand on, and to this day, Millennium has grown without taking a single loan from any bank anywhere. Wonder how many companies in the world can say that?

Homeward Bound

The return home was challenging. 60 people moving back after more than a decade outside the country. You don’t lose your language when you’re away so long, but you sure do become outdated.

It took them awhile to get up and running, but before too long, there was a new language school burgeoning close to Shopping Eldorado. And not just an English school; they brought the Europeans with them so Millennium became an 8-language language school, including becoming the only school in Sao Paulo to offer Swedish and Finnish.

A University

Millennium became the largest vehicle for spreading Keppe’s science. Thousands of students have passed through these halls, all changed in significant ways. Studying at Millennium means you’ll never be the same person again.

And after 2 years in the process, Keppe’s work became instituted in the Trilogical Colleges, of which Millennium is the language center. MILLENNIUM

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