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Studying Languages ar Millennium

The therapeutic methodology used at Millennium incorporates the latest scientific findings emerging from the Brazilian School of Integral Psychoanalysis, and is designed to make language learning faster, easier and much more interesting.

Studying at Millennium is, above all, a profound journey. Into language certainly, but more than that. It’s a journey into the essence of what is most important in life.

Art and culture. Health and sanity. Relationships, love and affection.

The inner workings of economics and politics. Philosophy and self-discovery. All this and more is considered in our dynamic classes.

Studying with us helps you:

“Millennium has helped me a lot. We absorb the language in such a natural way, and the excellent teachers encourage discussion and participation. There’s so much affection in the classroom I couldn’t help but develop quickly.”

Paulo S., Lawyer
Language Learning – a Therapeutic Approach Dr. Keppe in Conversation with Canadian journalist, Richard Jones

"Education is not done so much on the intellectual level, but occurs at the so-called deeper levels of the personality (feelings, sensations, and instincts).”

Norberto Keppe, creator of Millennium’s exclusive therapeutic methodology
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