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English. Seems to be an essential element for your resume these days. And that’s probably a good reason to study English.

But let’s not limit it to that.

When you study English at Millennium, we open up a whole world of culture and philosophy and self-development that takes you way beyond the language. Work issues, dealing with stress, getting along better with others – those are all careerrelated subjects we approach regularly and with leading edge thinking all the time in English class. But we also love to teach philosophical subjects and cutting edge health issues and international affairs and economics and psychology. So you’ll come out of the classroom with not only a substantial increase in your English development (after all, you’ll be immersed in English the whole time you’re in the class), but you’ll also find your mind expanding to consider things you’ve never thought about before. And this will have an enormous impact on our life.

“Millennium has helped me a lot. We absorb the language in such a natural way, and the excellent teachers encourage discussion and participation. There’s so much affection in the classroom I couldn’t help but develop quickly.”

Paulo S., Lawyer
Language Learning – a Therapeutic Approach Dr. Keppe in Conversation with Canadian journalist, Richard Jones
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