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The Belle Epoque and Illuminism. Lourdes and Joan of Arc. Bechamp and Bernard. The Impressionists, Les Miserables and Edith Piaf.

Not to mention French pastry, French wine and French fries.

They’ve left an indelible impression on human civilization for centuries. And the gateway to this rich and profound civilization is the language. Eloquent, sophisticated and musical, French is spoken as a native language in more than 20 countries around the world. It’s also the lingua franca of most culture, including art, cuisine, dance and fashion.


France has substantially influenced philosophy, theology, art, film, politics, democracy and human rights. And even the English language. For centuries.

Entering the French language is a profound exploration into one of the most beautiful languages and cultures in the world.

Studying French is a way to get close to life and more greatly experience each lived moment.

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