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Our Teachers

Our therapeutic method provides compelling and intriguing classes that help you learn a language – and learn about yourself at the same time. We offer:

  • Dynamic learning environments that are interesting, motivating and profound
  • Teachers who are highly trained in our unique method
  • Many international teachers with a wealth of experience and an expansive, global perspective
  • All native Brazilian teachers have extensive experience in the U.S. and Europe
  • A strong link with art and culture which helps you learn and develop

“I like the environment at Millennium and the teaching method, which in itself satisfies me and has helped me learn English. On school days, I feel lighter and happier.”

L. R. Campos, Psychologist

Richard Lloyd Jones

Canada – English Teacher

Sari Koivukangas

Finland – Finnish, English, French Teacher

Fabrizio Biliotti

Italy – Italian, English, German Teacher

Persio Burkinski

Brazil – English, French, Italian, Portuguese Teacher

Livia Biliotti

Brazil – French, English Teacher

Frédéric Estève

France – French Teacher

Anelize Girardi

Brazil – English Teacher

Julieta Villlalobos

Colombia – Spanish Teacher

Rodrigo Anjélico

Brazil – English, Legal English Teacher

Kerstin Arvidsson

Colombia – Swedish, German, English Teacher

Leo Lima

Brazil – English, Portuguese Teacher

Päivi Tiura

Finland – Finnish, English, Fine Arts Teacher

Markku Lyyra

Finland – English, Finnish Teacher

Luciara Avelino

Brazil – French, English, Portuguese Teacher

William Girardi

Brazil – English, Portuguese Teacher

Roberto Silvano

Brazil – Spanish, Portuguese Teacher

José Ortiz

Brazil – Portuguese Teacher

Katia Moreira

Brazil – Spanish Teacher

Mariane Fernandez

Brazil – English Teacher

Alexsandra Mauro

Brazil – English for Kids Teacher

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